Animas View Closing Celebration

Photo courtesy of Jerry McBride/Durango Herald 

Animas View MHP Co-op, the fifth Resident Owned Community (ROC) in Colorado, is a 120 site mobile home community that purchased their park with support from Thistle ROC and ROC USA. The ROC model is a nationwide initiative providing control and preservation of manufactured housing through cooperative ownership, and has successfully converted more than 275 communities nationwide.

Impact Investments

We make impact investments that show promise and create partnerships that strive to achieve health equity and bring health in reach for all Coloradans. Impact investments include program-related investments (PRIs) and mission-related investments (MRIs) that strive to create the same impact as our traditional grantmaking and align with our commitment to health and racial equity that supports our mission to improve the health of Coloradans. These financial investments are offered to nonprofits or private-sector companies to support charitable or mission-related activities with financial returns that are below market rate. We make impact investments with the goals that they:  

  • Scale Innovative Solutions
  • Leverage Additional Financial Resources
  • Assist Borrowers to Address Inequities

Impact investing, which encompasses PRIs and MRIs, provide capital to organizations with a business or revenue model for financing, sustaining and growing their initiatives. We partner with organizations based here in Colorado and nationally that align with our geographic interest and mission. These types of impacts investments can be structured to help organizations attract new funding from other investors or build a credit record to qualify for commercial financing.

Impact investing includes financing structures commonly associated with banks or other private investors, such as loans, loan guarantees, linked deposits, social impact bonds, subordinated notes, recoverable grants and even equity investments in charitable organizations or commercial ventures for charitable purposes. PRI funding is eventually returned to the Foundation and invested again for new impactful opportunities. Whereas our current MRI efforts exclusively non-cash loan guarantees.

The Foundation has developed over 50 partnerships and invested $90 million into the community through the impact investing portfolio that includes both grants and other financing structures.

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For more information, please e-mail Ben L. 拜纳姆, MD, portfolio director, impact investing.