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Welcome to the websites of 日博365APP下载 (together, “网站"). 该网站由日博365APP下载运营,这是一个科罗拉多的非营利性公司(“TCHF", "We" or "Us"). Please carefully read these Terms of Use. 使用本网站, 您承认并同意您已阅读本使用条款(本“协议"). This 协议 is made between TCHF 和 你 or, 如果您代表一家公司或其他实体使用本网站, 该公司或其他实体(""). IF YOU DO NOT AGREE TO BE BOUND BY THIS AGREEMENT, 请立即退出本网站,并避免使用您可能从本网站下载的任何材料.

1. 网站的使用. All use of the 网站 is subject to the terms of this 协议. 你 may access 和 use the 网站 solely for lawful purposes. 你 must be 13 years or older to use the 网站. TCHF保留此权利 at any time 和 自行决定 to 修改, 暂停, or discontinue the 网站 (or any portion thereof) with or without notice.

2. 登记. 访问网站的某些区域, 你 may have to apply for 和 be approved as a registered user (a "注册用户”). 你r approval as a 注册用户 is at the sole discretion of TCHF. 在获批为注册用户后,你可能会被要求创建一个受密码保护的帐户(“账户"). 你 agree to keep your 账户 信息 和 password confidential. 您同意在任何实际或涉嫌未经授权使用您的帐户时立即通知TCHF. 你 are solely responsible for all activities that occur through 你r 账户. 对于因您未能遵守这些义务而给您造成的任何损失,TCHF概不负责. In connection with your application to become a 注册用户, 你 will be asked to submit certain 信息 about yourself ("注册信息"). 您声明并保证:(a)您提供的所有注册信息是真实的, 准确的, 当前的, 和完整的; 和 (b) 你 will maintain 和 promptly 更新 the 注册信息 to keep it true, 准确的, 当前的, 和完整的. 作为注册过程的一部分, 您可能被分配或允许创建一个用户ID,用于识别您的帐户(“用户ID"). 你 may not: (i) select or use a 用户ID of another person with the intent to impersonate that person; (ii) use a 用户ID in which another person has rights without such person's authorization; or (iii) use a 用户ID that TCHF, 自行决定, 认为进攻. 如不遵守上述规定,则构成对本协议的违反, which may result in im媒体te termination of your 账户.

3. 期限和终止. 本协议将于您首次使用本网站之日生效,并将持续至终止. TCHF may terminate or 修改 this 协议 im媒体tely, 不管有没有原因, 无论是否通知您. 你 may terminate this 协议 upon written notice to TCHF, such termination effective upon receipt of such notice by TCHF. TCHF may also 暂停 your use of the 网站 or deactivate a 用户ID 和 direct 你 to cease using the 网站 无论是否通知您 和 with or without cause. 本协议终止时, all rights granted to 你 under this 协议 will cease 和 你 must promptly discontinue all access to any part of the 网站 和 the use of any 内容 downloaded 或以其他方式 obtained from the 网站. 部分3, 4, 5, 7, 10, 11, 和 15 will survive termination or expiration of this 协议 for any reason as they apply to the rights granted to TCHF 和 the restrictions placed on 你.

4. 内容. The 网站 和 the entire contents of the 网站, 包括, 但不限于, 文本, 文件, 图片, 图形, 插图, audio, video, 和 photographs on or offered through the 网站 (collectively, "内容") are protected by intellectual property rights, 包括, 适用且不受限制, 版权, 商标, 专利, 和 other proprietary 和 intellectual property rights ("知识产权") of TCHF or other third parties who have granted rights to TCHF.

5. 内容的使用. 您对内容的访问或使用受本协议条款和条件的约束. 您仅可使用本网站提供的形式或通过本网站提供的内容,仅供您个人信息之用. 您不得将任何内容用于任何商业目的,也不得收取任何费用或其他代价以换取内容. 您不得利用内容进行销售, 做广告, 支持, 或以其他方式推广任何其他服务, 产品, 或政党. 在使用内容时,必须确认内容为TCHF所有. 你 must otherwise abide by all 知识产权, 通知, 信息, or restrictions contained on or in any 内容. 除非本网站另有说明, 在你和TCHF之间, 其合作伙伴, 子公司, 和许可者(“子公司"), all 内容 is owned or used with permission by TCHF 和 其附属公司. 除非本协议另有规定, 你没有被授予任何许可或权利, 是否暗示, 禁止反言, 或以其他方式, 在本网站或内容中或到本网站或内容, or any 知识产权 therein or related thereto, 您不得修改, 繁殖, 执行, 显示, 创建派生作品, 重新发布, 帖子, 传输, 参与转让或出售, 分发, 或在未经TCHF事先书面许可的情况下,以任何方式利用网站或内容的任何部分. 如果您希望以本协议中未明确规定的方式使用内容, please contact us using “日博365APP下载" page. A 链接到 the 日博365APP下载 page is on the bottom of each page of the 网站.

6. 标志着. 除非另有标明, 所有商标, 服务商标, 标志, 横幅, 和 page headers 显示ed on this 网站 (collectively, “标志着") are the property of TCHF 和 其附属公司. Except as expressly set forth in this 协议, 你不能显示, 链接到, 或以其他方式 use the 标志着 without the prior written permission of TCHF.

7. 发帖和上传. 本网站可能包括论坛, 公告板, 聊天室, 或您可以向本网站提供或上传您自己的内容的其他机会. 你 agree not to upload or provide any 内容 that is: (1) libelous, 诽谤, 淫秽, 虐待, 色情, 威胁, or an invasion of privacy; (2) an infringement of the 知识产权 of any third party; (3) illegal in any way or that advocates illegal activity; (4) an 做广告ment or solicitation of funds, 货物, or services; (5) an 支持ment or 做广告ment for any c和idate for public office; (6) a 软件 virus or contains any other harmful computer code, 文件, 或程序. We reserve the right to refuse to 帖子 or remove any 帖子 or 内容 which in our sole discretion violates this Section 7 without prior notice. 您在此向TCHF及其关联公司声明并保证,您拥有一切权利, title, 和 interest in 和 to any 内容 that 你 provide or upload to the 网站, 或者你有足够的权利, 是否暗示, 禁止反言, 或以其他方式, 发布或上传内容,并授予TCHF本第7节中讨论的权利. 你将会赔偿, 捍卫, 和 hold harmless TCHF 和 其附属公司 from any 和 all third-party claims, 损失, 负债, 损害赔偿, 费用, 费用, 费用(包括律师费) 和 诉讼费用) that result from a breach or alleged breach of any representation or 保证y set forth in Section 7. By providing or uploading any 内容 to the 网站, 您授予TCHF非排他性, 免版税, 永恒的, 不可撤销的, 以及完全可转授使用的权利, 复制, 商店, 繁殖, 修改, 显示, 适应, 发布, 翻译, 创建派生作品, 分发, 和 显示 such 内容 throughout the world in any form, 媒体, 软件, 或任何技术. 除了, you waive all moral rights in the 内容, 包括您发布或上传的任何内容, or 保证 that all moral rights applicable to such 内容 have been waived. 您亦授予TCHF在复制或分发此等资料时使用您的姓名的权利.

8. 声称的侵权. 正如TCHF要求本网站用户尊重TCHF的版权和其他知识产权一样, 其附属公司, 和其他第三方, TCHF尊重本网站用户及其他第三方的版权及其他知识产权. If 你 believe in good faith that 你r copyrighted work has been 繁殖d on the 网站 without authorization in a way that constitutes copyright infringement, 你 may notify our designated copyright agent by mail to:

Please provide the following 信息 to TCHF:

  1. The identity of the infringed work, 和 of the allegedly infringing work.
  2. 你r name, address, daytime phone number, 和 Email address, if available.
  3. 声明:您有诚意相信使用受版权保护的作品并没有得到版权所有人的授权, 他或她的代理人, 或法律.
  4. A statement of the accuracy of the notice 和, 作伪证的刑罚, that 你 are authorized to act on behalf of the owner; 和
  5. 您的电子或物理签名.

9. 声明与保证. 您在此表示, 保证, 和 covenant for the benefit of TCHF 和 其附属公司 that: (1) 你 have the legal right 和 authority to enter into this 协议, 和, if 你 are accepting this 协议 on behalf of a company or other entity, to bind the company or other entity to the terms of this 协议; (2) 你 have the legal right 和 authority to 执行 你r obligations under this 协议 和 to grant the rights 和 licenses described in this 协议 和 in any applicable additional agreement 你 enter into in connection with any of the Services; (3) all 信息 你 provide to TCHF in connection with this 协议 和 你r access to the 网站 和 use of the Services is correct 和 当前的; 和 (4) 你 acknowledge 和 agree, for 和 on behalf of 你 和 any enterprise that you represent, 本网站提供的任何内容仅作为一般信息提供,而不是作为医疗或法律咨询.

10. 免责声明及责任限制.
     10.1免责声明. 本网站由TCHF按“现状”和“现有”提供,不作任何保证. TCHF及其附属机构均不代表或认可任何建议的准确性或可靠性, 的意见, 声明, 或其他显示的信息, 下载, 或者通过网站分发. YOU AGREE THAT YOUR ACCESS TO THE SITE IS AT YOUR OWN RISK AND THAT YOU ARE SOLELY RESPONSIBLE FOR ANY LIABILITY OR DAMAGE YOU INCUR THROUGH ACCESS TO THE SITE. 除非特定司法管辖区有关保证的法律和法规不能被协议放弃或排除, TCHF明确否认所有保证, 无论是明示的还是默示的, 关于这个网站, 包括, 但不限于, 所有所有权保证, 无侵犯, 适销性, 适合于特定的目的. 您认识到,当前的技术状态不允许无错误地访问站点和中断, 崩溃, AND DOWNTIME BEYOND TCHF'S CONTROL MAY OCCUR FROM TIME TO TIME.

11. 赔偿. 你在此赔偿, 捍卫, 和 hold harmless TCHF 和 其附属公司, 员工, 代理, 承包商, 分配, 被许可人, 以及利益继承人("补偿方”), 损失, 负债, 损害赔偿, 费用, 费用, 费用(包括律师费), 诉讼费用, 损害赔偿金, 和 settlement amounts) that result from any claim or allegation against any Indemnified Party arising from 你r accessing the 网站 or 你r breach of any term of this 协议. TCHF will provide 你 with notice of any such claim or allegation, TCHF有权自费参与任何该等索赔的抗辩.

12. 隐私政策. TCHF's privacy policy, a 复制 of which is available at http://www.y3xkyz.crunchyzone.com/privacy-policy (“隐私政策"), is hereby incorporated in this 协议 by this reference. 接受本协议, 你 expressly consent to the use 和 disclosure of your personally identifiable 和 other 信息 as described in the 隐私政策.

13. 联系网站. 本网站包含到不受TCHF控制的第三方网站的链接, 和 TCHF is not responsible for any content on any linked site. If you access a third-party site from the 网站, then you do so at your own risk. TCHF provides links only as a convenience, 和 the inclusion of the link does not imply that TCHF 支持s or accepts any responsibility for the content on those third-party sites. 欢迎连结至本网站. 您可以建立到本网站的链接, provided that the link does not state or imply any sponsorship or 支持ment of your site by TCHF or your site does not 支持 or oppose any c和idate for public office. 您不得在您的网站上使用在建立链接时出现在网站上的任何内容或标记. 你 may not frame 或以其他方式 incorporate into another site the 内容 or other materials on the 网站 without prior written consent of TCHF.

14. 通知. 除非另有明确说明, 本协议所要求或允许的任何通知均将通过邮寄方式发送至网站上列出的TCHF地址. If applicable law requires that TCHF accepts email 通知 (but not otherwise), then 你 may send TCHF email notice using “日博365APP下载" page. A 链接到 the 日博365APP下载 page is available on each page of the 网站. 关于TCHF对您的通知, TCHF may provide notice of amendments by 帖子ing them on the 网站 和 upon such 帖子ing any amendment shall be deemed effective notice as set forth in Section 15.6. 你同意检查变化.

15. 一般条款.
     15.1第三方受益人. TCHF's 子公司 are intended third-party beneficiaries under this 协议 with the right to enforce the provisions that directly concern 内容 to which they have rights.
     15.2 Nonassignment. 你 may not assign or transfer any of 你r rights hereunder, 和 any attempt to do so will be null 和 void.
     15.3集成. This 协议 sets forth the entire underst和ing of the parties 和 supersedes any 和 all prior oral 和 written agreements or underst和ings between the parties regarding the subject matter of this 协议. 除非双方达成书面协议,否则不得修改本协议. The waiver by either party of a breach of any provision of this 协议 will not operate or be interpreted as a waiver of any other or subsequent breach.
     15.4可分割性. 如因任何原因,本协议的任何条款在任何司法管辖区全部或部分无效或不可执行, 该条款, 关于这种管辖权, be ineffective to the extent of such invalidity or unenforceability, without in any manner affecting the validity or enforceability thereof in any other jurisdiction or the remaining provisions hereof in any jurisdiction.
     15.5管辖权和审判地点. This 协议 will be governed by the laws of the State of 科罗拉多州rado, without giving effect to any conflict of laws principles. The parties specifically exclude from application to the 协议 the United Nations Convention on Contracts for the International Sale of Goods 和 the Uniform Computer Information Transactions Act. 你在此不可撤销且无条件地同意在丹佛的州和联邦法院的管辖权和地点, 科罗拉多州. 在任何此类纠纷中, 胜诉方有权向另一方追讨其合理的律师费和开支.
     15.6修改. TCHF保留此权利, 随时都可以,不另行通知, 添加到, 改变, 更新, or 修改 the site 和 these Terms of Use, 简单地通过张贴这样的添加, 改变, 更新, 或对本网站进行修改. 任何此类之外, 改变, 更新, or modification will be effective im媒体tely upon 帖子ing on the 网站.